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  • Ukrainian Interior Minister Resigns After Drunken Scandal (2009-05-13 03:37:58)
    Ukrainian Interior Minister Yury Lutsenko has asked the parliament to consider his resignation, parliament speaker Volodymyr Lytvyn announced on Tuesday.
  • Apogee Awards Laureates Shine in Command Performances at Apogee Artists Odessa Concert Series (2009-05-15 11:25:52)
    The Apogee Foundation is presenting a series of virtuoso concert events in Odessa featuring Apogee Awards laureates from five leading music academies in Belarus, Moldova, Switzerland and Ukraine.
  • Ukraine will sign free trade zone agreement with EU in 10-11 months -Yushchenko (2009-05-15 15:51:56)
    Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko does not doubt that Kyiv will be able to sign a free trade zone agreement with the European Union.
  • The Moscow Times: The Keystone Coup (2009-05-15 23:55:35)
    Georgian authorities quelled a planned coup last week, and the purported ringleaders -- Giya Gvaladze, Koba Kobaladze and Giya Karkarashvili -- have been arrested.
  • Ukraine hopes for Switzerlands support in establishing free trade zone with the EFTA (2009-05-16 08:03:47)
    At his joint press conference with the President of Switzerland Hans-Rudolf Merz, President Victor Yushchenko said that Ukraine hopes for Switzerlands support in the talks on establishing free trade zone with the European Free Trade Association that had begun on April 29, according to the President`s press-office. Answering the question on ...
  • Ukraines economic straits raise worries about radicalism (2009-05-16 16:19:59)
    As the economic crisis in Ukraine continues to bite hard, one parliamentary deputy last month drew a chilling comparison in an open letter to the countrys president, Viktor Yushchenko. [Many people] are worried by the historical analogy between the rise of a neofascist mood in Ukraine during the economic crisis and events in Germany in the 1920s and 1930s, wrote Oleksandr Feldman.While political analysts say that the comparison with the chaos that preceded Hitlers rise to power is exaggerated, there are concerns that the strained economic and political conditions in Ukraine are leading to a rise in radicalism. A far-right party won a regional election in March, and last month saw the murder of a Ukrainian nationalist by an anti-fascist group. And with the presidential election set for January, the worry is that the contenders are likely to stoke tensions for political gain.
  • Ukraine constitutional court rejects presidential election date (2009-05-17 16:23:21)
    The Ukrainian Constitutional Court on Wednesday rejected the October date set by parliament for the next presidential election.
  • Eurovision: A Melting-Pot Contest, Where Native Doesnt Always Mean Best (2009-05-18 00:39:50)
    By Kristin Deasy, RFE/RL This years Eurovision Song Contest, the finale of which will be held in Moscow on May 16, sees a number of nations turning away from native artists in favor of foreign-born stars with broader appeal.
  • Protests against gambling restrictions in Ukraine (2009-05-18 17:00:30)
    KIEV, Ukraine - Ukrainian casino owners and employees on Monday protested a bill that would temporarily ban gambling, saying it would put tens of thousands of people out of work and calling for a gradual approach toward greater state regulation of the industry.
  • Crimean Tatars Mark Deportation Anniversary (2009-05-18 21:34:10)
    At least 15,000 Crimean Tatars gathered in central Simferopol to mark the 65th anniversary of their deportation and to demand linguistic and political rights, RFE/RLs Ukrainian Service reports.
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