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  • G-8 emissions agreement fails to include developing nations (2009-07-09 16:39:22)
    President Barack Obama and leaders of seven other world economic powers agreed Wednesday to broad goals for reducing global warming, but they stopped well short of measures that environmentalists call critical to stopping the problem and also failed to get developing nations such as China and India to go along.
  • LAPD: Michael Jacksons drug history to be probed (2009-07-11 02:44:03)
    Fans of U.S. pop star Michael Jackson gather at the Tivoli Gardens in central Copenhagen, Denmark, Thursday, July 9, 2009, to commemorate the life and work of the king of pop Jackson.
  • G-8 as climate change forum: baby steps (2009-07-11 07:06:01)
    The Group of 8 summit in Italy, which turned largely into a climate change conference in the past 48 hours - agreed to limit global warming to an average of 2 degrees Celsius (3.5 degrees F). While that is seen as a significant step forward, there was no agreement yet on specific short-term moves to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions by 2050 - something insiders considered politically unrealistic ahead of the meeting. The G-8 was a giant leap for the US, and one small step for mankind, says Bastian Hermisson of the Heinrich Boll Foundation in Germany, a think tank aligned with the Green Party, in describing US climate policy shift from the Bush to Obama administrations. At the G-8 last year in Japan, after many years of disagreement with global warming initiatives, dating to the Kyoto Protocols, and with much consternation in European states - the Bush White House agreed on a 50 percent reduction in gases (from 1990 levels) by 2050.
  • Climate plans backers have tougher audience in Senate (2009-07-11 15:17:50)
    Senate supporters of a bill that for the first time would put limits on U.S. greenhouse gas emissions have launched an intense one-on-one effort to sound out their colleagues views in hopes of winning their support.
  • Pregnancy Complications are a Stress Test for Future Maternal Health and Pregnancies (2009-07-12 15:24:50)
    New Haven, Conn. - Predicting whether pregnancy complications affect long-term maternal health as well as future pregnancies is at the heart of two studies conducted by researchers in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Sciences at Yale School of Medicine.
  • Study Finds a Third of Breast Cancers May Be Overdiagnosed (2009-07-13 15:37:30)
    One in three breast cancers diagnosed in public mammography screenings is an overdiagnosed cancer that will never produce symptoms or lead to death, according to a meta-analysis by Danish researchers published July 9 in BMJ .
  • Study: One in three breast cancers overdiagnosed (2009-07-14 15:39:54)
    The continuing controversy regarding mammography screening for breast cancer surfaced again last week with a new study in the British Medical Journal that found one in three breast cancers detected in a population offered organized screening is overdiagnosed. This number is quite startling.
  • 1 in 3 breast cancer patients overtreated, study suggests (2009-07-15 15:43:14)
    LONDON a One in three breast cancer patients identified in public screening programs may be treated unnecessarily, an analysis of cancer trends in five countries suggests.
  • Hormone Replacement Therapy Tied To Ovarian Cancer (2009-07-15 23:57:49)
    New research suggests that no matter how hormone replacement therapy is given, it increases the risk of ovarian cancer.
  • Plaque honoring fishermans contributions saved from the tide (2009-07-17 00:04:02)
    The late Andrew Anderson spent a lifetime in fishing, a career in fisheries policy the world over, and retired first on the Hood Canal and later Poulsbo, close enough to keep a line in the water.
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